Accelerating Best Practices in Peer Support Around the World

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Peers for Progress was founded in 2006 to promote peer support as a key part of health, health care, and prevention around the world. The mission of Peers for Progress is to accelerate the availability of best practices in peer support. Peers for Progress is designed to demonstrate the value of peer support, extend the evidence base for such interventions, help establish peer support as an accepted, core component of health care, and promote peer support programs and networks on a global scale.

To accomplish its goals, Peers for Progress began by addressing the growing, global diabetes epidemic through a variety of activities including Evaluation and Demonstration Grants that will build and apply the evidence base for peer support in diabetes. Other activities include promoting peer support programs, developing a global network of peer support programs, and hosting a global webpage to circulate program materials and curricula.

To better understand the rationale why Peers for Progress started from addressing the global diabetes epidemic, click here to view key evidence points for Peers for Progress’ global initiatives to promote peer support for diabetes and chronic disease management around the world.

Peers for Progress is continually expanding a global network of networks of peer support organizations to address the needs of various chronic diseases, health risks and other conditions that require ongoing health care and sustained behavior change, including but not limited to heart diseases, and mental health challenges and illness. If you are interested in using peer support or have been involved with a peer support program, we encourage you to connect with colleagues in other peer support initiatives by joining the Peers for Progress network.

You can also review existing Peers for Progress Global Network and learn about our members here.

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