Accelerating Best Practices in Peer Support Around the World

Updated and Expanded! Peers for Progress Program Development Guide

Overview of the Guide

PDG CoverThe Comprehensive Program Development Guide aims to assist the development, implementation, evaluation, enhancement, and sustainability of peer support programs. A working document that catalogues current resources for peer support programs, the Guide will be expanded and revised over time with additional information, tools, and materials. We welcome suggestions from all users.

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Key Features of the Guide

The Guide represents a comprehensive approach to program development and management that encompasses key behavioral, organizational, programmatic, and system elements needed for successful peer support programs. Unique in its scope, the Guide also covers complex, emerging areas such as organizational integration, quality improvement strategies, financial management, policy implications for quality assurance, and advocacy for peer support programs.

The evidence-based, field-tested tools and practices featured in the Guide are curated from Peers for Progress grantees, partners, and other colleagues and organizations. Because there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to peer support, the Guide includes a variety of resources from diverse peer support programs around the world. We hope that the information, tips, and insider knowledge in this Guide create a solid foundation that allows users to design and tailor peer support materials to their specific populations, settings, and needs.

The Guide is organized into five parts: What Is Peer Support, Program Development, Program Implementation, Program Evaluation, and Program Sustainability. Each section stands on its own and provides detailed recommendations, resources, and considerations.

All of the resources found in this Guide are publicly available or by request. If you intend to borrow or adapt any of these materials, we ask that you credit the original author(s) of the resources.

Please contact Peers for Progress at with questions, suggestions, and/or any resources you would like to share.


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