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Peers for Progress provides broad expertise, consultation, and collaboration for  researchers, community organizations, provider groups, and health care systems. For diabetes researchers, Peers for Progress offers training and research support through the National Community, Family, and Peer Support Core of the Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research.

The Peers for Progress team in the Gilling School of Global Public Health
  • For researchers and community organizations, assistance to those interested in developing, protocolizing, implementing, evaluating, scaling up and disseminating, and examining the relevance of peer support to health policy (e.g., vis a vis the Affordable Care Act) and improving health outcomes.
  • For provider groups and health care systems, consultation in state-of-the-art approaches to development, quality improvement, scaling up, expansion and continuing evaluation around peer support, including as a key strategy in value based care.

Many people know us for our peer-reviewed journal articles, white papers, and reports, as well as our practical tools for program development and implementation. In addition to these freely available resources, we also provide one-on-one consultation and technical assistance for researchers and organizations that could use some help with their peer support programs.

We enjoy hearing from people around the world to learn more about what they’re doing, explore ways in which we can help, and then see the results of that collaboration. For more information on ways in which Peers for Progress could help your peer support project, please see our consultation guide.