Accelerating Best Practices in Peer Support Around the World



Improving Heart Healthy Lifestyles in a Salud Para su Corazón Promotores Model

Prev Chronic Dis. 2015 Mar 12;12:E34. [Pubmed Abstract]

Improving Heart Healthy Lifestyles among Participants in a Salud Para su Corazón Promotores Model: The Mexican Pilot Study, 2009-2012
Balcázar H, Fernández-Gaxiola AC, Pérez-Lizaur AB, Peyron RA, Ayala C

In Mexico, cardiovascular disease and its risk factors are growing problems and major public health concerns. The objective of this study was to implement cardiovascular health promotion and disease prevention activities of the Salud para su Corazón model in a high-risk, impoverished, urban community in Mexico City.

We used a pretest-posttest (baseline to 12-week follow-up) design without a control group. Material from Salud para su Corazón was validated and delivered by promotores (community health workers) to community members from 6 geographic areas. Two validated, self-administered questionnaires that assessed participants’ knowledge and behaviors relating to heart health were…


Emotional Support for Diabetes Management

Diabetes Educ. 2015 Feb 26.[Pubmed Abstract]

Emotional Support for Diabetes Management: An International Cross-Cultural Study
Kowitt SD, Urlaub D, Guzman-Corrales L, Mayer M, Ballesteros J, Graffy J, Simmons D, Cummings DM, Fisher EB

The purpose of this study was to explore how emotional support emerged in interactions between peer supporters (PSs) and adults living with type 2 diabetes.

Qualitative data were analyzed from 22 semistructured interviews with PSs in 3 settings: low-income Latinos in Chicago, middle-class Caucasians in the United Kingdom, and low-income African American women in North Carolina. Emotional support was defined as expressions of empathy, trust, and caring.

Across all sites, emotional support gradually emerged over time, was often combined with informational support, and was conveyed both implicitly (through nonverbal actions connoting emotional acceptance; eg, a walk together without discussion of problems) and…


Mediators and Moderators of the Effectiveness of a CHW Intervention…

Health Educ Behav. 2015 Jan 30. [Pubmed Abstract]

Mediators and Moderators of the Effectiveness of a Community Health Worker Intervention that Improved Dietary Outcomes in Pregnant Latino Women
Shah MK, Kieffer EC, Choi H, Schumann C, Heisler M

Pregnancy is an opportune time to initiate diabetes prevention strategies for minority and underserved women, using culturally tailored interventions delivered by community health workers. A community-partnered randomized controlled trial (RCT) with pregnant Latino women resulted in significantly improved vegetable, fiber, added sugar, and total fat consumption compared to a minimal intervention group. However, studying RCT intervention effects alone does not explain the mechanisms by which the intervention was successful or help identify which participants may have benefitted most.

To improve the development and targeting of future community health worker interventions for high-risk pregnant women, we examined…

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