Accelerating Best Practices in Peer Support Around the World

Scientific Evidence


Peer Education for Secondary Stroke Prevention in Inner-City Minorities

Goldfinger and Colleagues describe a New York based stoke prevention program based on peer-led community support. The program is called Prevent Recurrence of All Inner-city Strokes through Education (PRAISE) and has enrolled 582 stroke... Read More ›

Pedometry and Peer Support in Older Chinese Adults

A recent article by Thomas and Colleagues looked at the role pedometers and having a motivational buddy may have on fitness levels for Chinese adults aged 60 and over. As part of a 2 × 2 factorial design, 399 participants were assigned to... Read More ›

Community Health Workers Assisting with Childhood Asthma

Peretz and colleagues reported the results of a New York based Asthma program to address asthma in the community. As part of the program bilingual community health workers provided culturally appropriate support and education to families.... Read More ›

Developing a Guide for Peer Support Diabetes Management in Rural Alabama

Cherrington et al. describe the development of a 1-year peer support intervention to improve diabetes self-management with African American adults in rural Alabama. The program was developed based on a review of the literature, interviews... Read More ›

Peer Mentoring African American Veterans to Improve Glucose Control

Long and colleagues compared African American veterans with diabetes aged 50 to 70 years old randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups: usual care, a peer mentoring group, and a financial incentives group. Participants in the peer mentoring group... Read More ›
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