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Recruitment of Peer Supporters

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1. Recruitment of Peer Supporters

2. Selection and Screening

Recruitment of Peer Supporters

Recruitment of peer supporters will vary between projects and must be tailored to fit individual purposes and environment. However, the general principles outlined below apply:

Before beginning recruitment:

  • Identify the group of peer supporters you would like to recruit and define the community makeup.
  • Define peer supporters’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Describe prerequisites such as skills, knowledge, experience etc.
  • Determine how to recruit (e.g., using community linkages and social networks, working with providers or practices, and/or asking for clinician nominations of their patients).

During the recruitment

  • Be straight forward with your presentation of clearly defined roles of the peer supporters and an accurate reflection of your expectations
  • Provide a job description of the peer supporter’s role and expectations
  • Employ the screening and selection process that has been planned


Puentes hacia una mejor vida/Bridges to a better life: Application form; Recruitment letter and Recruitment Script (Spanish and English) Peers for Progress grantee project in San Diego, CA shares their recruitment materials.
ENCOURAGE: Recruitment flyer Peers for Progress grantee project in rural Alabama shares their recruitment material.
PLEASED: Recruitment flyer Peers for Progress grantee project in Michigan shares their recruitment material.
2011 SBM: Recruiting and Selecting Peers for Progress grantee project in San Diego, CA introduces how to select and recruit volunteer peer supporters for people with diabetes among Hispanic/Latino populations. Preliminary findings and discussions on motivations for volunteering as well as active vs. passive recruitment are included.
The Chronic Illness Alliance Peer Support Network’s Best Practice Framework – Sec 4.1 Recruitment Selection and Screening This section shares a brief overview and tips for recruiting volunteers.
The Peer Mentoring Program Manual for individuals with brain injury and their families by the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine This section shares key aspects and tips for recruiting peer mentors for brain injury peer support programs.


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