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Collaborating with Existing Peer Support Programs in the Community

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1. Starting a Peer Support Program

2. Developing Peer Support Protocols

3. Collaborating with Existing Peer Support Programs in the Community


Collaborating with Existing Peer Support Programs in the Community

If a health care setting lacks a preexisting peer support program or does not have the resources to create one, you and your care team can help identify peer support programs within the community. We recommend asking your community collaborators if they are currently offering peer support programs. You can inquire the local health department or major professional association such as American Association of Diabetes Educators and American Cancer Society for recommendations.

Many patient organizations like Diabetes Sisters, Beijing Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Association and Sisters Network are very resourceful and collaborative. Rooted in peer support, well-organized patient self-help organizations often offer a range services that are in alignment with the four key functions and are linked with local health care providers as well as other community organizations.

You may also check on the members of Global Network of Peer Support of Peers for Progress, or contact us if you need help determining whether the identified peer support programs are credible and meet the needs of your program participants. Once you have identified credible peer support programs, it can be beneficial to create, and keep updated, a community resource directory that providers can easily access in order to refer their patients without difficulty.

More importantly, once appropriate peer support programs have been identified, a referral protocol should be in place with a point of contact being identified for both the health care organization and the peer support program.


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