Accelerating Best Practices in Peer Support Around the World

Peer Support in the Worldwide Effort Against COVID-19

Peers for Progress will facilitate sharing of ways peer support may be used in the worldwide effort against COVID-19.  In the news, we’ve seen a few cases where peer support has been mobilized to help communities impacted by COVID-19, but we think that’s only a fraction of the unrecognized work that people are doing.

We want to know how your group / organization has used peer support to help your communities during this public health crisis!

If you have a recent experience, please share your story in the comments below.  Feel free to include links to more details such as forms or protocols.

  1. David Whitesock

    At Face It TOGETHER, we started hosted online group meetings. While we have used video and text for years for 1 on 1 peer coaching, the group meetings were something different for our team. We planned to structure these meetings around a topic, but what we’ve experienced is a more group coaching session emerge. The meetings are led by our peer coaches, with other coaches joining for their own support.

    We host group meetings for individuals with addiction or in recovery, and a second set of meetings for loved ones. It’s in the loved one meetings where we’re finding our members who have been engaged in coaching for a little while, stepping in and offering their experience and support, while our coaches simply facilitate and guide.

    More about our online groups here:

  2. Patrick Tang

    Comment in the Lancet in support of a National UK programme of community health workers for COVID-19 response:

  3. Patrick Tang

    Friends for Life Cancer Support Network writes via Twitter: In addition to our usual peer matched cancer support, we are encouraging our volunteers to reach back out to their matches, even if it has been years since they connected AND having our volunteers do check in calls with fellow volunteers.

    • Judy Kasey-Houlette

      Thanks, Patrick. Just a correction, it’s Friend for Life Cancer Support Network. Thanks for the retweet!

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