Accelerating Best Practices in Peer Support Around the World

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Analysis of a Successful Diabetes Peer Support Program in Argentina

Clayton Velicer MPH

The evidence for the benefits of peer support on diabetes self-management continues to build as successful peer support programs are implemented around the globe.  For examples of peer support and diabetes management please check out our science behind peer support section, or read our previous blog series highlighting a peer support program in Cambodia.

Gagliardino and colleaguescontribute to this growing body of evidence by demonstrating the effectiveness of peer support for diabetes self-management in Argentina. Their study was supported by a grant from Peers for Progress.

In their article, Gagliardino and colleagues compared health outcomes for people with type 2 diabetesone year after attending either 1) a diabetes education program deliveredby professional educators or 2) the same program delivered by trained peers that also providedin-person support at group meetings and ongoing support through phone contacts. Both groups showed comparable…


Cultural Adaptation Series: Collaborating on Diabetes Peer Support in China

Patrick Tang is the newest member of the Peers for Progress Program Development Center. He will be contributing to blogs, newsletters and Peers for Progress publications. In this blog, Pat shares his first experiences in the field of peer support while working on program development for diabetes self-management in Nanjing, China.

One year ago, I traveled to Nanjing, China to work on a peer support pilot program for diabetes self-management. Under the direction of Dr. Zilin Sun and the support of the award-winning diabetes education team at Zhongda Hospital, we designed a training curriculum for peer leaders, developed Mandarin language train-the-trainer guides, and adapted process and outcome evaluation tools for the peer support program. The culmination to the summer was a weekend retreat during which we successfully trained 11 peer leaders to provide the four core functions of peer support: provide assistance in daily management, offer social and emotional support, link…

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