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Peer Support Finds Heart in San Francisco

June 2014 Newsletter

From June 17-18, Peers for Progress and the National Council of La Raza hosted a meeting of Peers for Progress investigators and the National Peer Support Collaborative Learning Network in San Francisco, California. Over two packed days, we reviewed the state of the evidence in peer support for diabetes management and looked ahead to the future. Reminded of our common principles and the importance of this work, we found in San Francisco the vision and the resolve to move forward.

In this newsletter, you can read our reflections and find resources developed for the meeting.

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Sustainable Financing for Peer Support Within Reach


May 2014 Newsletter

For a long time, peer support programs have been funded by a patchwork of short-term grant funding. Within the past ten years, states have started to recognize the benefits of financing peer support programs through dependable channels of reimbursement. Our spotlight this month looks at sustainable financing models for peer support and key trends to watch for in the future. Additional information on financing may be found in the program resources section.

Visit our archives for past issues of the Peers for Progress newsletter.


PfP September Newsletter

In the September issue of the Peers for Progress newsletter, we feature a spotlight on Pakistan’s Lady Health Worker program, which employs nearly 110,000 community health workers across the entire country. You’ll find more information about this ambitious program under resources and research briefs. This issue also provides a first look at two Work Group products from the National Peer Support Collaborative Learning Network.