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Affordable Care Act


Integrating CHWs within Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Implementation

J Public Health Manag Pract. 2015 Jan-Feb;21(1):42-50. [Pubmed Abstract]

Integrating community health workers within Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act implementation
Islam N, Nadkarni SK, Zahn D, Skillman M, Kwon SC, Trinh-Shevrin C

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (PPACA) emphasis on community-based initiatives affords a unique opportunity to disseminate and scale up evidence-based community health worker (CHW) models that integrate CHWs within health care delivery teams and programs. Community health workers have unique access and local knowledge that can inform program development and evaluation, improve service delivery and care coordination, and expand health care access. As a member of the PPACA-defined health care workforce, CHWs have the potential to positively impact numerous programs and reduce costs.

This article discusses different strategies for integrating CHW models within PPACA implementation through facilitated…


CHWs in Primary Care: Redesigning Health Care Systems to Improve Diabetes Care

Health Promot Pract. 2014 Nov;15(2 Suppl):51S-61S. [Pubmed Abstract]

Community health workers in primary care practice: redesigning health care delivery systems to extend and improve diabetes care in underserved populations
Collinsworth A, Vulimiri M, Snead C, Walton J

New, comprehensive, approaches for chronic disease management are needed to ensure that patients, particularly those more likely to experience health disparities, have access to the clinical care, self-management resources, and support necessary for the prevention and control of diabetes. Community health workers (CHWs) have worked in community settings to reduce health care disparities and are currently being deployed in some clinical settings as a means of improving access to and quality of care. Guided by the chronic care model, Baylor Health Care System embedded CHWs within clinical teams in community clinics with the goal of reducing observed disparities in diabetes care and outcomes. This study…


CHWs and the ACA: An opportunity for a research, advocacy, and policy agenda

J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2014 Feb;25(1):17-24. [Pubmed Abstract]

Community health workers and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: an opportunity for a research, advocacy, and policy agenda
Shah MK, Heisler M, Davis MM

Community health workers (CHWs), who have been shown to be effective in multiple roles in the provision of culturally appropriate health care in a variety of settings, have the potential to be important members of an interdisciplinary health care team. Recent efforts have started to explore how best to integrate CHWs into the health system. However, to date, there has been limited policy guidance, support, or evidence on how best to achieve this on a larger scale. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), through several provisions, provides a unique opportunity to create a unified framework for workforce integration and wider utilization of CHWs. This review identifies four major opportunities to further the research, advocacy, and…

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